Pengrill lasts at least 4 times as long as lava rock before it needs changing and will save you both time and money.

If you use lava rock you will be used to the flare ups caused by fat collecting in the rock and igniting.  Pengrill is designed to minimise fat collection, which reduces flare ups to a minimum: the shape of Pengrill  allows the food fats to simply roll off, providing the Chef with a clean heat to cook with.

Pengrill makes cleaning your grill easier.  Lava rock is light and slowly crumbles away with use.  We manufacture Pengrill using slate and ceramic, with charcoal and fine clean wood shavings.  We then heat cure the briquettes until they are very hard which allows them to maintain their integrity throughout their life, dramatically reducing crumbling and giving Pengrill its amazing longevity.

Pengrill contains charcoal and fine clean wood shavings which combine with the juices of the cooking food to provide a wonderful charcoal BBQ aroma. 

Pengrill is designed to provide even coverage on the grill and to provide even heat distribution and minimise gas consumption.